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…. All I can say is that the team were totally in awe and concentration levels high with the interesting and alternative approach you used. My guys were bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm and energy.

Sally Groves
Regional ES Manager
- Middle East, Pakistan, Africa & Europe
Wal-Mart Global Procurement

“After a lifetime of hum-drum corporate entertainment, after numerous tepid dance shows, lame magicians and wannabe singers, the Dave Crane show was a breath of fresh air. From beginning to end, Dave has your attention with his hypnosis show. The reality-of-all-reality shows, Dave Crane stuns the skeptics, converts the unconverted, and enlightens the enthusiasts. I think Dave has created a new benchmark for corporate entertainment. I loved it so much, I am looking forward to a second chance.”

Bob Snyder,
Editor-in Chief, Multimedia I.T.

“Emirates Airlines Dubai Rugby Sevens 2004 was an absolutely fantastic event and well done to everyone involved. I've had nothing but positive feedback. The atmosphere was just brilliant, it was all so well organized and we saw some great rugby. So thank you to you all on what was a wonderful team effort. The tough one now is how to ensure we make it even better next year! “

Gary Chapman
CEO Emirates Airlines

Our team has enjoyed many Gala Diners together, but I don’t think we have ever laughed quite so hard as with your hypnosis show. Thanks again for a job well done!!

Ryan Mackey
The Distribution Channel

“Dave is wonderful person and very highly talented, he can hold groups of people in room for hours together, a highly motivated individual and he can drive positive energy into all his audience. His show was Brilliant!!!”

Sales Manager
Samsung Electronics Fz

"Dave Crane is a born entertainer. This show is very, very funny. Just release your imagination and roll with it. You won't be prancing like a ballerina in a tutu every time you hear 'Dancing Queen', unless you really, really want to. Go see!"

Andrew Bone
Regional Client Service Director
Hill & Knowlton

It was great to see your show, all my friends have been raving about it!

Bianca Cartin
Hard Rock Café Dubai

‘Just a note to say that yesterday’s seminar “Upgrade Your Life” was excellent and it will definitely help me in making my life better. ‘

Amir Aziz
Purchase Manager
Aggreko International

‘Thank you for giving such wonderful support not only to Dubai Business Network but also through your workshop, to the Dubai Community… A great performance and plenty of life skill tips for everyone.’

Karen M Harrison –Taylor
Dubai Business Network

‘In the last 1 year in Dubai, those 50 mins of meditation were the only minutes I have given to myself. That was the only time when I realized that I am a human and I should enjoy each phase of life. You are right.....Life is Precious.’

Gauravpreet Sethi - Jumbo Electronics Co Ltd.

‘The hypnotic experience that the audience went through was mind-blowing ..

Monis Hasan
Aviation Consultant

'The Prime Minister would like to wish you well and every success on your plans for future progress'

John Major British PM,
10 Downing Street

The hypnosis show provided brilliant entertainment and appealed to the diverse cultural mix present on the evening. The delegates were all discussing it again the next morning and the problem now is that huge expectations have been set for the next conference. Well done Dave, a great show. Thank you."

Dominic Myers,
General Manager, Matrah Cold Stores, Oman.

“Dave Crane added an element of relaxation, laughter, creativity but most importantly managed to bring everyone together in a very informal way. ..we look forward to being entertained again by David Crane in the near future!”

Leon Gifford
Regional Sales & Marketing Manager
Toshiba Gulf Free Zone (CSD)

“Dave's ability to keep the audience on their toes & excited as they were was truly phenomenal. We had a great time and had the privilege to be refreshed throughout the 3 day event with his skills and hidden talents in capturing us when we east expect it...... A show not to be missed by anyone!"

Leila Fakih
Consumer Sales Manager
Hewlett-Packard Middle East

“Bravo! Dave Crane’s hypnosis show injected a fun spirit into our international corporate event….”

Farouk Hemraj and Frederic Simard,
co-founders of DISTREE Events

On behalf of Tech Data just a short note to thank you for the fantastic evening yesterday..

Eliot Shepherd
Tech Data FZ-LLC

You gave a spectacular performance and really got the audience involved! I am converted and will be in the front row of your next show.

Graham Braum

WOW! When is the next show?” was the common cry heard from my table of 20 at the end of Dave Crane's Hypnotic Xmas show. One of the funniest shows I have personally ever been to and friends who were skeptics were laughing the hardest at the end.

Nikki Wilson
Marketing & Admin Assistant
Cooper Middle East

‘Great session yesterday at Knowledge Village! I had a wonderful learning experience at the seminar.’

Tanvir Shah
Business Publishing Division
Motivate Publishing

‘Thanks for a great night yesterday! Both Anna & I loved your presentation and we would definitely like to consider taking you up on a further workshop.’

Bijay Shah
National Director
BNI Middle East

The relaxing session was well balanced and took us to places of tranquility and excitement, just to put us back in our shoes with a new prospect to life. Way to go, David!’

Samir Naji
Marketing Executive
Mondia LLC/Bates Pangulf

“…Dave Crane turns expectations upside down with his hypnotic and extremely entertaining and relaxing show. A fantastic experiential journey and the very opposite of any ordinary workshop ice-breaker. Time flies with Dave Crane!”

Oliver Stelling
Chief Operating Officer
Mondia LLC/Bates Pangulf

'I am most grateful for everything that you and your supporters are achieving'

HRH Prince Charles


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