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About Hypnosis and NLP

Hypnosis originated over 3000 years ago in ancient Egypt and Greece, as people used to receive treatment in what were called ‘Houses of Sleep’ and ‘Shrines of Healing’, the techniques for trance were also employed for many hundreds of years in India and China before being developed into the modern techniques which are in use today.

Hypnosis and the power of the human mind are big business in many parts of the world with Neuro Linguistic Programming being used to train sales executives and general managers to motivate and get the most out of their staff and customers. New techniques can be harnessed to create incredible results in any individual according to the work of Richard Bandler. He developed the system of NLP based on the study of what makes hugely successful people just so rich or well accomplished.

Some of the world’s top sportsmen, football teams and celebrities use hypnotherapy for great results. Tiger Woods, Manchester United and Kevin Costner all use their own personal therapists to get unbelievable effects.

In many countries, Police Forces are utilising the power of hypnotic regression to allow witnesses to relive the scene of a crime. In hypnosis, subjects can take their time and describe incidents and people whom they may have overlooked in their waking state. These skills can also be utilised by students for greater learning capacity and recalled when in college examinations for unbelievable results.

A combination of hypnosis and NLP can produce incredible results.


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