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Sample Seminar – 7 secrets to a Richer Life

This is interactive seminar with comedy videos gives an incredible insight into relationships, family, colleagues and business. There are seven interactive points which are all based on Emotional Intelligence and NLP techniques.

  1. The New Paradigm – understanding the changing
    world around you and how to fit in.
  2. Time is the New Money – appreciating every
    minute of each day and how your actions affect others.
  3. Know yourself – becoming aware and measuring
    Life Wheel. This involves your eight key life areas
    (life purpose, career, money, friends and family, health,
    confidence, romantic relationships and happiness).
    Once experienced, this allows you an incredible insight
    into everyone else’s internal drivers.
  4. Become Your Customer – 5 brilliant examples about
    how the customer feels and how to make more successful business relationships.
  5. Discover Your Hedgehog – Jim Collins, the bestselling author of ‘Good to Great’ and ‘Built to last’ created this brilliant measuring tool for how to optimize your personal and business strengths.
  6. The Great Formula – marketing guru Mark Joyner’s incredible 3 step program to instantly doubling your revenue overnight.
  7. The Money’s In the List – an incredible real life case study of how E-Business can take your brand to over 30 million new customers in less than a week.


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