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This is a brand new kind of entertainment. The turbocharged bestselling CD ‘Now That’s what I Call Hypnosis’ is available across the GCC on EMI Arabia
* It is a pioneering version of this hugely popular session which involves Dave playing chill-out/Buddha Bar type music to a hypnotized audience whilst giving instructions for self-discovery and wellness
* It is immensely powerful and has been performed with great effect to many global corporate brands and business seminars including The Well Being Show in Dubai , AMD in Johannesburg, Shell in Rome, APC in Greece and Distreé in Monaco and by special request for Bollywood Royalty in Mumbai.

* This session includes positive instruction for change and improvement in the way you deal with many aspects of your life.

* The result of a 'Dream Therapy' session is a combination of visual enhancement and true relaxation with the ability to 'reset‘ emotional baggage and produce incredible changes and improvements immediately.

* Many corporations use these techniques as a way of dealing with 'stress management', but it can in fact be tailored to improve almost anything. One amazing enrichment is due to the hypnotic nature of the session, each person's experience is not only completely unique, produces the best results for them automatically.

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